Silent-Type Generator: ASP Series


Silent-Type Generator: ASP Series

The ASP series silent type generator is made according to ISO standard, And in conformity with the safety requirements and environmental requirements of the relevant working environment of the current and pending law, AOSIF generator sets all pass the strict test, can run under the most demanding working conditions.

Silent Types Generator Features:

  • Weatherproof, sturdy and durable.
  • Powder coat, with excellent anti-corrosion performance.
  • Full considering the security, to ensure safe operation and maintenance.
  • Easy operation.
  • Containerized Generator Set

    ACSP series is a containerized power station in which AOSIF company adopts the international standard container as a generator silent canopy. The reasonable structure design can protect the generator set from damage under the high voltages and load in the process of transportation, and there are some specifications suitable for shipping: 20&40 Feets, and widened, heightened container, which includes the weatherproof type and soundproof type according to its function. That series generator set could easily move to the required location and run in demanding conditions.

    These silent-type generators sets all adopt the first-level reliable diesel engine as the power, which equipped with an international quality brushless synchronous alternator. As a leading Generator Manufacturer in Malaysia, we aimed to meet the requirement of the massive market on the silent type generator set requirement. We provide professional consultancy for customer needs and custom-made the silent-type generator set that would fit into your setup.

    Containerized Generator Features:

    • In accordance with the international standard of container, easy to transport.
    • Keep standard container main structure, solid and durable.
    • High protection class, suitable for harsh environment.
    • More reasonable air inlet/outlet design to ensure the continuous power supply.
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