Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump Packages


Main features

  • Robust and reliable
  • Easy to mantain
  • Low water consumption
  • Minimum noise and vibrations.

The wide range of available materials allows the application in the most varied sectors, such as the chemical, petrol-chemical, pharmaceutical, textiles sectors.




The compact vacuum systems CRVS are equipped with a pump coupled with the electric motor through elastic direct coupling. This ensures a perfect alignment, optimal and long-lasting operation. The CRVS base was specifically designed to guarantee high stiffness and low vibration.




The compact vacuum systems LRVS feature belt and pulley drive, an oscillating motor thanks to a patented system, which makes it possible to reduce the load on the motor bearings and pump, by keeping constant over time the belt tension. This makes it possible to easily adapt the drive to various motors sizes without any unit dimensionial changes. The V-Belt coupling allows to select the optimum speed for the vacuum pump ensuring the correct capacity without waste of energy.




Thanks to the recovery manifold both CRVS and LVRS units can be supplied with partial recirculation, achieving thus a substantial service water saving.

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