KDP Pace Series Diesel Mobile Air Compressor




Perkins diesel engines provide different pressure optimal, minimum fuel consumption and long life of the entire installation.


2.Control system
British brand DSE controller can accurately monitor the current compressed air consumption, optimize engine performance, more energy saving.


3.Screw Air end
GHH air end & KOTECH air end operation guarantee trouble-free throughout the entire period of operation of the compressor, up to 80,000 hours.


4.Security system
Electric Control (solenoid valve, vent valve, proportional valve etc.) + Mechanical Control effectively prevent the phenomenon of over pressure ,also control the unloading operation of the compressor once over pressure, more safer !


5.Adjusted Towbar
Traction can be adjusted, suitable for any car traction,with working braker maximize the security,the axles of air compressor is easy to disassemble and install, which can saving container space and saving the transport and shipping cost.


6.Multi Filter System
The unique multiple fuel filter system,with a specially configured heavy-duty primary fuel filter system,avoids and eliminates the damage of poor fuel to the engine, ensures the full play of the machine performance and prolongs the service life.


Silent machine case, can meet the noise demand of each country, so that the mechanical operation is more stable, more safe on the road.

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